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Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Because most writers are creatives, this topic goes down about as smooth as razor wire. Still, it must be said - Deciding to publish a book is deciding to go into business for yourself. Here is why:

  1. You are creating a physical product

  2. Your product sales will be propelled by your brand and marketing

  3. People will look to you as a subject matter expert for the topics/themes related to your product

  4. You will need to understand business accounting, branding, markets, ROI, and tax implications to ensure that you remain profitable.

Some people say OH NO, THAT'S TOO MUCH! I'd rather find a publisher that will do it ALL for me. Well, here is a fun fact - there is no such thing as a publisher that does it all for you. You still have to get clear on your brand and embody it. You still have to show up at readings, launches, and events. You still have to ensure that your contractual relationships are fair and that you are compensated fairly for your intellectual property. You must still understand how to protect your revenue and plan for tax season. And ultimately, you STILL have to engage with your readers.

Any way you skin it, YOU ARE NOW A BUSINESS & A BRAND. So it is imperative that you think of yourself as such and treat your new venture with the reverence and respect it deserves! We can help.

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