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  • How can I book you to do a reading/presentation for my class or program?
    Please send an email to so that we can assess your school's needs and arrange a custom presentation and book offering.
  • Do you offer marketing services?
    Yes. We offer short run ads on our channels and marketing launch support for book launches. Available here: If you have a larger need (Ex. videographer, product shoots...) we can refer you to a local PR firm that aligns with your needs.
  • How does developmental editing work?
    Many authors have great ideas but are struggling to bring the concepts together in a way that flows and connects to their ideal audience. Our editors can help organize and develop your work from the conceptual stage. We also offer ghost writing. Please book a call to see how our services can help you launch your dream.
  • What if I have an idea for a book but have not written anything yet?
    Book a call with us! We can provide a custom writing schedule to help you stay on track and move your project forward.
  • How long does it take to get published?
    There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Publishing a book involves effort and input from many different contributors. Editors, illustrators, formatters, layout artists, marketers, designers, and others. Our guarantee is that we send you into the market with a work that you can be proud of. Our services are designed to take the stress out of the process and ensure that you do not quit on your dream.
  • What is a social media audit?
    A member of our marketing design team will review all of your existing social media as well as your website and provide a list of recommendations to increase engagement and brand awareness.
  • How can I access your online course?
    Our online writers course launches second quarter 2023 and we can't wait to help you launch your writing to the next level.
  • What does the publishing process entail?
    For a great overview of the many components in the publishing process download our free author's bible here
  • What if I want to self publish?
    Awesome! Congratulations. We have helped many authors launch successful self-published books. Book a call to get started.
  • Do you offer bulk pricing for large orders?
    We do. Wholesale discounts for orders over 150 run 20%-48% depending on the amount. Special pricing is also available for schools, courts, hospitals, and other municipal or non profit organizations. Child services and foster families may reach out for copies at any time..
  • I ordered presale. When can I expect to receive my copy?
    Each presale offering has it's own prospective release date. If there is ever any change to the expected release date all purchaser's will be notified via email. Presale copies always arrive signed by the author which can be a time-consuming process. We thank you for your patience.
  • How can I get a signed copy of the book?
    The guaranteed way to get a signed copy is to order during the presale period. If presales have closed, you may request a signed copy at checkout. There is no additional fee.
  • Do you offer refunds or what is the process for initiating a refund?
    Customer service is always monitoring email requests. If you need a refund for any reason please email

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