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We offer a variety of services for authors and businesses. From assisting authors with self-publishing to marketing your book on social media or preparing to launch a new work- our services cater to the needs of new authors by removing barriers to successfully publishing your story.  Many vanity presses offer to help authors self-publish, only to reveal later that the author doesn't own their publication rights at all. At BHP we focus on clear and honest author education to remove the mystery and frustration from the process, and set our authors up for a lifetime of success in the industry.

Our publishing services are designed to meet each author in their place of need. For some authors that is the writing process. For others it is providing illustration and printing services. Our goal is to remove the barriers that are preventing your story, your book, your inspirational journal from being shared with the world.

Book a New Author Training

 We understands the need and are rising to help fill the gap by finding and assisting new authors with getting their stories into circulation. Our founder and CEO is a licensed attorney and professional diversity and inclusion strategist who has designed every service to open access to diverse talent in publishing..

Strategic Social Media & Marketing Planning

Social Media can be tricky to navigate, especially when cultivating your online image or brand. If used correctly, social media can be a great marketing tool for your products and help expand your audience.

Let us help you develop a plan and bring your vision for your brand to life. 

Watching Stock Market


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