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We seek to amplify diverse voices - not only in the books and in the authors we publish, but in all aspects of the services we offer. We are working to create lasting impact that inspires our clients and empowers them to face difficult situations head on, show up as their best, most authentic selves, and do the work to impact their community and the world around them. Get ready to be inspired in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your goals, improve yourself, and impact the world around you.


Everyone deserves to see themselves in a great story, or better yet tell their great story. At Bird House Publishing, we are committed to removing the barriers to publishing for authors and filling the shelves with authentic and diverse stories.


Bird Collier 

CEO & Author




"We need more diverse books that allow children to see themselves reflected with variety and authenticity."

Bird Collier understands that need and is rising to help fill the gap by finding and assisting new authors with getting their stories into circulation. Bird is a licensed attorney, professional diversity and inclusion strategist, and real estate broker. She is a wife and mother of three with a passion for helping people learn to show up in the world as their best and highest selves; a feat that requires unwavering authenticity. She views her writing as a way to help children and young adults learn to see and honor the humanity in one another. Bird believes that our greatest value lies in our differences and not in our ability to blend in. 

Books from Bird House Publishing are available online at these and other fine retailers:

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